This course examines the early modern period of Jewish History. Topics include the periods of Emancipation, Reform, French Revolution, Chassidus, Establishment of the Yeshiva World, Enlightenment, the Rule of the Czar, Pale of Settlement, and the Mussar Movement. The course also deals with the rise of nationalism, socialist movements, religious, cultural, social, political, and economic developments and their impact on the Jewish and larger societies

This course examines topics from the modern period of Jewish History, the 1880’s to the present. Topics include emigration to America, World War I, Zionism, World War II, the State if Israel, and their impact, social movements, religious, cultural, social, political, and economic developments.

A study of the American Jewish community from its colonial beginnings to the present, emphasizing such topics as, waves of Jewish immigration, patterns of Jewish Settlement, economic activities, communal ties, philanthropic organizations, diversity within Jewish religious affiliation, with an emphasis on the various streams of the American Judaism and challenges of traditional Judaism in America.