An in depth analysis of a selection of the first part of the daily morning prayers, highlighting the meaning and explaining the background of the text of Tefilla, including translations and clarifications of words and phrases. 

An in depth analysis of Tefilla emphasizing the Amidah- the core of Jewish prayer. The meaning and backgrounds of the prayers will also be emphasized, including translations and clarifications of words and phrases. 

A study of the philosophical and ethical themes in Ramchal’s masterpiece, Mesilas Yeshorim: The Path of the Just. Topics include man’s duty in the world, vigilance, diligence, expurgation and self-denial.

The calendar is the axis of the Jewish person’s life. Based on the calendar we know when it is appropriate to celebrate and when it is required to mourn. In this course the different events of the year are examined.  The essence and what is behind the making of each event is revealed to the student.  The correlation between each holiday and its rituals is explained in accordance to the essence of the day. It is not the time that makes the event but rather it is the event that makes the time.

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